About Dogs Day Inn
in Chicago, IL

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Cage-Free Pet Care with a Personal Touch

Since opening our doors in 1999, Dogs Day Inn has been at the forefront of offering a compassionate,
cage-free alternative to traditional kennels.

Nestled near Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL, we’ve created a space where dogs can enjoy freedom, fun,
and the companionship of fellow pups. Our environment is casual yet professional, making us stand
out compared to other dog boarding facilities near you.

About Our Founder: Jesse Jasinski

President and founder Jesse Jasinski began his journey to Dogs Day Inn out of a deep-seated passion for dogs and their well-being.

For Jesse, providing a cage-free, loving environment for dogs in Chicago has been a lifelong dream realized. Under his guidance, Dogs Day Inn has flourished as a pet haven. Here, social group boarding, a completely open play space for guests, and quality accommodations help to create an environment where every dog is treated as part of the pack, receiving constant love and attention.

The Dogs Day Inn Experience

No two days are the same at Dogs Day Inn

Outdoor Fun

All guests enjoy daily outdoor time, with a large yard featuring
playground equipment and kiddie pools for sunny days.

Staff-Led Activities

The fun-loving animal enthusiasts on our staff make certain every dog engages in healthy
play and activities tailored to their enjoyment.

Safety and Care

Our dedicated team ensures all guests are healthy and meet our “friendly environment” requirements.

The Initial Step

New members start with a trial day to ensure compatibility with the rest of the pack.

Why Choose Dogs Day Inn?

Dogs Day Inn boasts over two decades of specialized, loving care for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our compassionate and trained team understands the individual needs of each dog and caters to them directly, while around-the-clock supervision and a focus on health and happiness ensure your pet’s safety and well-being.

Dogs Day Inn is proud to be a place where dogs forge lasting friendships and feel like they belong. We promise not only to meet but exceed your expectations while giving your pet the time of their life.