Daycare F.A.Q.

  • Q: Can I take a tour of your facility?
  • A: Yes! While we do require a reservation, our tours are done Monday - Thursday at 7:15pm

  • Q: Do I need to come and tour the facility?
  • A: No, but we would like to encourage everyone to come and visit us, and see where your dog will be playing. It will give your dog a chance to get familiar with the playrooms and staff members doing the tour with you.

  • Q: What if I am running late for picking-up my dog?
  • A: We kindly ask that you notify us before closing, and for a small charge we will stay for up to 15-minutes.  After that, in order to service all of our overnight guests we will board you dog for the evening.

  • Q: Can I drop-off my dog off early?
  • A:  Monday through Friday we do allow for dogs to be dropped-off as early as 6:30am with prior notice.  No early drop-off on weekends.

  • Q: My dog eats lunch, can you feed him?
  • A: Yes, but any feeding done requires us to kennel dogs for the duration of feedings for everyone safety.

  • Q: My dog has had their vaccinations but I forgot to bring in the proof of vaccinations.  Can I still bring in my dog for daycare?
  • A:  Unfortunately we will be unable to accept your dog if we do not have current proof of vaccination. Please contact your veterinarian to have them send us your dogs most up to date vaccinations.

  • Q: Do I need a reservation for daycare?
  • A: No, but please check with Dogs Day Inn around holiday as we do have daycare restrictions.

  • Q: Do you do nap time?
  • A: No, we do not force any dogs to nap, but many will take short breaks themselves throughout the day.

  • Q: I used part of a daycare package but do not need it anymore.  Can I refund the days not used?
  • A: Unfortunately, we do not refund partial packages.

  • Q: What days are you closed for daycare?
  • A: All major holidays, but please check with a Dogs Day Inn staff member as we normally have a few days before and after the holidays where we limit or restrict daycare.

Boarding F.A.Q.

  • Q: Do i need to drop-off before a certain time to board with you?
  • A: No. Keep in mind, however, your boarding pick-up time is the time you originally dropped-off. There is a small daycare charge after the initial drop off time.

  • Q: Can I pick-up my dog after you are closed?
  • A: We kindly ask you notify us before we close, and if available we will stay up to 15 minutes past close for a fee.  After the 15 minutes, your dog will need to board for another night.

  • Q: What if my dog runs out of food?
  • A: Dogs Day Inn has a house brand food we can give if there is no food allergies, but we encourage you bring an extra meal or two.  

  • Q: Do I need boarding reservations?
  • A: Normally no, but around holidays you must make a reservation to be guaranteed a spot for your dog to board with us.

  • Q: Do you charge a cancellation fee?
  • A: No, but starting in 2019 Dogs Day Inn will be requiring a deposit for major holidays. Please check with Dogs Day Inn for specific dates.

  • Q: What days are you closed?
  • A: There is always a staff member with the dogs, even when we are not open for drop-offs or pick-ups.  The following days we are not open: New Year Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, 

Transportation F.A.Q.


· Q: Can I call last minute and have you pick-up or drop-off my dog?

· A: No, we do ask that you make a reservation, as space is limited


· Q: How long will my dog be in the vehicle?

· A: Unfortunately, we are unable to specify the amount of time your fury friend will be in our vehicle.  Although, we try to get them to and from the facility as quickly as possible, Dogs Day Inn wants to make every effort in ensuring the safety of your dog and our staff members.


· Q: What hours does the transpiration service run?

· A: Pick-ups start at 7:00am and go on until we picked-up all the dogs for the day. We start dropping off dogs at 2:00pm and go until all the dogs are home. 

There is No Weekend pick-ups or drop-offs


· Q: What if I am not home when you drop-off or pick-up?

· A: If we were not provided two sets of keys then we will try to contact you twice during this stop, but we will not be able to spend more than 5-10 minutes trying to pick-up or return your dog. If we are unable to pick-up or drop-off your dog you will be charged for the transpiration service at the normal rate. If we are unable to return your dog to your residence then your dog will be taken back to the Dogs Day Inn facility for you to pick-up by closing time, or to spend the night with us. 

· Q: Do you require a minimal number of daycare days in order to use the transportation service?

· A: Dogs Day Inn does not require a set number of days per week for you to use our service. We understand that life happens and schedules change. All we ask is that you schedule the transportation service, and to make things even easier you are able to set up a reoccurring day's if you like.


· Q: If I purchase a transportation package, how quickly do I need to use it?

· A: All transportation packages have a 3-month expiration from the original date of purchase.


· Q: I am planning on boarding my dog, will you pick-up and drop them off?

· A: Yes, but in order for to do this Dogs Day Inn will require two set of keys like mentioned above. We will also require that the boarding stay be pre-paid based on the number of nights that your dog scheduled to stay with us. If there are any additional charges, Dogs Day Inn will charge the credit card on account. Pick-ups will only be done during the morning pick-ups and drop-offs will only be done on the afternoon return trip. WE DO REQUIRE A RESERVATION as space is limited.