Service F.A.Q.

General FAQ

Q:  Can I do a walk-through/tour of your facility?

A:  Yes! Walk-throughs/tours of the facility take play  Monday - Thursdays at 7:05 pm by reservation

Q:  How long will the walk-though/tour take?

A:  Most take only about 10-15 minutes, but we will spend as much time with you as needed to answer any questions you may have about Dogs Day Inn and the services we provide!

Q:  Do I need to do a walk-through/tour?

A:  No walk-throughs/tours are not mandatory, but we want all parents/guardians to feel comfortable with where their dogs will be playing and staying

Q:  What forms of payment to do take?

A:  We accept cash and credit from all major credit cards

Q:  Do you have a yard area?

A:  Yes, we have a nice size yard for the dogs to get some fresh air, and stretch their legs!

Q:  How frequently are the dog allowed outside?

A:  Starting at 8am until 8pm dogs are taken outside every few hours, weather permitting. 

Q:   Can I still bring my dog if he/she has vaccinations/a fecal test that expired?

A:  Unfortunately we will not be able to accept your dog should any of the vaccinations or fecal test have expire according to our records.  It is in accordance with Illinois State Laws and Chicago City Ordinances that we have proof that every dog is up to date in our care.  Not only is this a legal issue, but also a health and safety issue for both dogs and staff.  We also ask that every client keep their primary email on their PETEXEC account, as the system will send out a 30 day reminder notice of what is expiring .  As a courtesy, we also send out emails notifying clients that vaccinations/fecal tests have expired at the beginning of each month.

Q:  I do not have a collar for my dog, do I really need one?

A:  Yes, we do require that all dogs have a snap collar with identification. 


Q:  What if I am running late.  Can I still pick-up my dog from daycare?

A:  Yes, but we require that you call us before 7:00pm Monday - Friday, and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday to notify us that you are running late and still coming for your dog.  You are then able to pick-up until 7:15pm Monday - Friday, and 5:15pm on Saturday and Sunday but there is a late fee charge.

Q:  My dog takes medication, are you able to administer it?

A:  Yes, we have been administering medications to dogs staying with us for over 20 years now.  Please make sure you notify a Dogs Day Inn staff member when dropping off of the medication, and make sure your dogs medication information on PETEXEC is up to date so we have accurate information on all medications. 

Daycare FAQ

Q:  What are your daycare hours?
A:  Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm, Saturdays 9am -5pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm

Q:  What if I show up and I do not have a reservation?

A:  We do not require reservation for daycare on non-holiday week/weekends

Q:  Do I really have to do the trial/evaluation day?  My dog has done cageless daycare before.

A:  Yes, we still require the trail/evaluation as ever facility is set up differently.  We also, at times, require more than one trail/evaluation day to make sure your dog feels comfortable in our care.

Q:  When can I do the trial/evaluation day?

A:  They are done by appointment Monday through Friday, and require dogs be dropped off between 6:30am - 7:00am. See our Getting Started page for more information!

Q:  What if I show up for the trail/evaluation after 7:00am?

A:  Unfortunately we will be unable to accept your dog that day.  You will be required to reschedule the trail/evaluation day, as the goal is to give your dog a chance to acclimate to the facility and staff before our other daycare dogs start to arrive.  This way they ease into the day and are not overwhelmed.

Q:  What time do I need to drop my dog off for daycare?

A:  You are able to drop-off when it is convenient for you during our normal business hours after your dog has passed his/her initial trial/evaluation day.

Boarding FAQ

Q:  What are your drop-off time for boarding?

A:  Currently you are able to drop-off during normal business hours.  Starting January 2021 we will be requiring all dogs be dropped-off for boarding before 12pm(noon)

Q:  What time do I need to pick-up by?

A:  We are open to accommodate all pickups during normal business hours.  However, to avoid incurring additional daycare charges, you should aim pick-up your dog by the original time your dog was dropped off at the latest. 

Q:   What do need to bring with me for boarding?

A:  All we need is your dog and their food. If necessary; any medications and any special feeder bowl.

Q:  Do I need a reservation for boarding?

A:  Reservations are encouraged, however, we only require reservations over major holidays.

Transportation FAQ