2018 Ram Promaster 1500

Update 3/30/20

Dogs Day Inn will resume transportation services starting May 11th 2020.  There are some new procedures to ensure we the safety for dogs, clients and staff members. 

On the go? Work keeping you extremely busy? Have an early flight? Need a hand getting your dog in for social daycare or boarding?

Let us help you get your dog to their home away from home!  Come take part in our transportation service!  Let us get your dog safely to our facility in our 2018 Ram Promaster 1500


Transpiration Service hours:

Estimated Pick-ups*:    Monday through Friday 7:00am until 10:30am

Estimated Drop-offs*:     Monday through Friday 2:00pm until 6:00pm

NO Service during holiday blackout periods.

* these times do not reflect for location, traffic, or weather conditions.  Reservations required

Requirements for Transportation

  • Current client or in the process of becoming one.
  • Dogs must be Up-to-date on vaccinations and healthy.  Dogs showing signs of illness will not be accepted for the day(s).
  • If you will not be home during pick-up and drop-off windows then 2 complete set of keys with typed instruction are required.
  • No leather, pinch, or choke collars.  A nylon style collar with name tag and contact information is required.  Also, Dogs Day Inn recommends a body harness for all dogs doing the transportation service.
  • No retractable leads.
  • Live within the transportation service area(see below)
  • Reservations required since space is limited.  
  • Recurring reservations available. 

 Service area is from:  Irving Park (north)  to Chicago Ave(south), Lake Shore Drive (east) to Western Ave (west).   (Map coming soon)


*Transportation packages expire after three (3) months from the original date of purchase, **Dogs must be in the same household, at the same location for pick-up/drop-off on the same day. All dog must meet our daycare and/or boarding requirements.